​Research shows that in Queensland, higher student attendance at school is associated, on average, with higher student achievement.Regular school attendance will mean that your child has a better chance in life. Your child will achieve better when they go to school all day, every school day.• they learn better• they make friends• they are happier• they have a brighter future.

Under Queensland law, parents must make sure that their child ofschool age is enrolled and attends school all day, every school day unless they have an acceptable reason. Illness, doing work experience or competing in a school sporting event are acceptable reasons for being absent from school.Principals decide if the reason given for your child’s absence is acceptable.

Here is food for thought. Being away from school for 1 or 2 days a week doesn't seem much but:

If your child misses ….That equals …Which is ….And over 13 years of schooling that’s…Which means the best your child may achieve is …
15 min per day eg. arriving late75 min a week10 days per yearhalf a teaching yearequal to finishing mid grade 11.
1/2 day per week20 days a year4 weeks a yearnearly 1.5 yearsequal to finishing in grade 11.
1 day a fort-night20 days a year4 weeks a yearnearly 1.5 yearsequal to finishing in grade 11.
1 day a week40 days a year8 weeks a yearover 2.5 yearsequal to finishing in grade 10.
2 days a week80 days a year16 weeks a yearover 5 yearsequal to finishing in year 7
3 days a week120 days a year24 weeks a yearnearly 8 yearsequal to finishing in year 4.

Avoid keeping your child away from school for: - birthdays, shopping, visiting family and friends, if they sleep in, looking after other children, minor check ups or care such as hair cuts. 

Routine medical or other health appointments should be made either before or after school or during the school holidays.

Parents are encouraged not to schedule holidays during school time. If the family holiday is during school time, let the school know in advance and talk about what arrangements can be made for your child. Exemptions from the Principal are required for absences longer than 10 consecutive days.

Parents  must let the school know the reason why your child has been absent from school within two school days of their return. If possible, advise the school beforehand or during the time away.  A phone call, or email / note is quite sufficient.

It is teachers who teach, but teachers cannot teach their students unless they are there.  With only 200 days of teaching in a school year, it doesn't take long for absences to make a big impact on learning.

Last reviewed 11 February 2020
Last updated 11 February 2020